Nikkita Gostling, Manager

Hello all, I’m Nikkita Gostling, daughter of Tim & Sarah. I am manager Of Kimblewick Equestrian Centre. I decided after a very hard start to high school, school wasn’t for me and with the support of mum and dad home education was the way. So finishing school at 14 and being home tutored what better way to try and take the yard on myself. And guess what??? I have achieved. With a massive help from my parents and now husband I have been able to put my everything into the running of Kimblewick. I am also a mum to 3 wonderful children, who I’m hoping my little girl will take in my footsteps. Before my children I was out showjumping and was fortunate enough to train at Ben Maher’s with Ivan Camargo. With my children and my fostering Carer and with the managing of the yard my time is spent a lot behind the scenes put new activities in place so keep watching this space and watch our Equestrian Centre grow. ❤️❤️❤️

Sarah Moore, Owner

Hello all, I’m Sarah Moore Owner Of Kimblewick Equestrian Centre.

When my husband and I bought the first 8 acres of just a corn field, we lived in a caravan for 12 years whilst bringing up 3 children. Never did I think 22 years on we would have such a wonderful business with fantastic liveries and their horses, teaching thousands of people to ride and a wonderful team.

My time is not spent on the yard as much anymore as I’m enjoying being a grandma to 5 amazing children and continuing with our fostering journey.

All I can say is THANK YOU ALL very much for your support for the last 22years and long May in continue.

Rachel, Head Girl

Hello! I'm Rachel and many of you know me as Kimblewick's head girl, which I have been for the last 4 years, I have also recently qualified as an Equine Sports Massage Therapist so our Kimblewick horses and ponies will benefit from regular treatments!

As you all know I'm not a local and moved to Norfolk 4 years ago when my husband James moved here with the army, my hometown being Leeds in Yorkshire!

Since leaving school I spent the first 6 years working in various racing yards, travelling up and down the country to different racecourses with my horses and it is still very much a passion of mine! I now enjoy a quieter life with my own ex racer Troy and we are planning to get out competing in the near future!

I love being part of the kimblewick team and watching our riders grow in confidence and ability. I hope to have many more years supporting you all with your riding journeys! 🐴

Philippa Kemp-Welch, Instructor & Trainer.


Philippa has her BHS level 4 Complete Coach with level 5 Care. Philippa teach all ages and levels including complete beginners and Career students. She is also qualified to train sidesaddle, carriage driving and vaulting.

Philippa present courses in horse care for non riders/potential horse owners. Philippa is very passionate about the industry and continues to invest with her personal development. Philippa loves riding and carriage driving her pony on a regular basis.

Philippa has a Long Service award for volunteering for the Brit Horse Soc and also raised a lot for charities through long distance cycle rides(e. G from Vietnam to Cambodia) and also an epic ride across Mongolia on horseback in 2018.

Philippa says ‘I feel very lucky to be part of your team and involved with a lively and inspiring centre’

I am sure you all agree we are very lucky to have Philippa as part of our team 🐴🐴

Debbie, Level 2 Apprentice.

BIO: I have been riding since 2012 but moved to Kimblewick in 2013 after my Mum noticed I hadn't made much progress at my old riding school. In the first 7 months of being at Kimblewick, I was cantering and jumping bareback on Roscoe and Millie. I used to ask whether I could be the yards apprentice when I first started and finally have been for the last 5 months. However, I always helped on Mondays and the weekend in lessons for as long as I can remember and that is where you will often find me unless I've been in the stable grooming Humphrey or riding him; my favourite horse on the yard.

Bethany, Level 2 Apprentice.

BIO: Hello! My name is Bethany and I guess I will be known as the newbie of the amazing Kimblewick team. 🙂

I have been riding at different stables over the years, on and off but with two older brothers getting in my way with their football, rugby and golf mum put me to the back of the queue.

I focused hard at school looking more towards health and social care and I done some work experience with a care provider. As time went on, I looked into riding stables again and Kimblewick came highly recommended. So here I am!

My journey started about 10 months ago with private lessons I was too shy to join a group. Well how that has changed 🙂 I started to volunteer, and my confidence has just grown with the horses, riders and their families.

Plucking up the courage I asked if their was any opportunities when I left school for an apprenticeship and the answer was yes! I started my level 2 in July.

I feel like I have built really good relationships and come a long way in a short space of time thanks to Kimblewick giving me the opportunity.