Nikkita Gostling, Owner & BHS Changing lives lead coach

Hello all, I’m Nikkita Gostling, daughter of Tim & Sarah. I am manager Of Kimblewick Equestrian Centre. I decided after a very hard start to high school, school wasn’t for me and with the support of mum and dad home education was the way. So finishing school at 14 and being home tutored what better way to try and take the yard on myself. And guess what??? I have achieved. With a massive help from my parents and now husband I have been able to put my everything into the running of Kimblewick. I am also a mum to 4 wonderful children, who I’m hoping my little girl will take in my footsteps. Before my children I was out showjumping and was fortunate enough to train at Ben Maher’s with Ivan Camargo. With my children and my fostering Carer and with the managing of the yard my time is spent a lot behind the scenes put new activities in place so keep watching this space and watch our Equestrian Centre grow. ❤️❤️❤️

Sarah Moore, Owner

Hello all, I’m Sarah Moore Owner Of Kimblewick Equestrian Centre.

When my husband and I bought the first 8 acres of just a corn field, we lived in a caravan for 12 years whilst bringing up 3 children. Never did I think 22 years on we would have such a wonderful business with fantastic liveries and their horses, teaching thousands of people to ride and a wonderful team.

My time is not spent on the yard as much anymore as I’m enjoying being a grandma to 5 amazing children and continuing with our fostering journey.

All I can say is THANK YOU ALL very much for your support for the last 22years and long May in continue.

Andrea Warner, Instructor, trainer and BHS Changing Lives lead coach  

Andrea has her BHS level 3 coach and teaches all ages and levels including complete beginners and career students.

Andrea presents courses in horse care for non riders / potential horse owners. Andrea is very passionate about the industry and continues to invest with her personal development.

Debbie, Head girl and coach

BIO: Debbie has been part of the Kimblewick team since 2013. Starting with riding lessons, she has now grown to our level 3 apprentice.

Debbie has achieved a number of pony Club achievements and has recently completed her BHS stage 2 complete. 

Harriett - Admin & Reception

BIO: Harriett joined the team in January 2022 working towards her BHS level 2. Harriett has been involved in the equine industry for 9 years and is involved in the admin, reception and running of Kimblewick.

Ysa Daly, Manager

BIO: I grew up in South East London, where my love of horses had my mum send me to our local riding school, nearly 25 (eek!) years ago. There, I believe, my excitement for helping horses and riders improve to the best of their abilities started to grow. My career has taken me all over the country and I have been lucky enough to work and train with Olympic and Badminton riders, as well as professionals at the top of their game in all spheres. I have a real interest in the language used to best help riders develop as well as a different mixture of training processes for horses. I love taking my two young horses out competing, and I love building on and setting new goals continuously as we go. I am so excited to get back to my riding school roots at Kimblewick, and I’m sure that my huge enthusiasm for learning and teaching will fit in with this wonderful centre!