Piglet was bought for my little boy in 2013 Regan then tells me football is better so we thought we would let everyone else get to enjoy her by adding her to the riding school. Piglet maybe small and is Kimblewick’s smallest riding school pony but a big heart she has

Piglet enjoys all level of riders.

She look forward to meeting you.


Peppa arrived to us in July 2019 from RSPCA. Kimblewick worked alongside the BHS to help find a home for some of the rescue ponies and give them a chance in life to be worked and loved. Peppa had her challenges but has turned out to be a lovely mare. She is used in our therapy groups set out by the BHS as Peppa will stand for hours to have some love and fuss.

We are very lucky for the chance from the BHS.


Beauty arrived in 2012 from Ireland and wow what a naughty girl she was… she was a nightmare… the times we thought about selling her, we could never see the light at the end of the tunnel, but she has changed. What an amazing mare we have. Beauty is used for everything kimblewick has to offer!! Beauty has the biggest heart and will turn her hoof to everything. Do you want to learn to ride? then she is the mare for you! Do you want to improve your jumping? then jump on beauty!

Do you want to practice vautling? then jump on beauty!

Do you want to have a go at side sadddle? then book a private on our a beautiful talanted BEAUTY!


Jinny arrived to us in 2016 and is a favourite. She is used for all lesson types. She has been doing brilliant with her Interdressage scores each month.

In December 2019 one of our customers who has been riding with us since we opened in 1998 asked if we would sell her but to keep in the riding school. Jinny’s new owner is loving her and Jinny is loving the extra attention.


Let’s meet our old man Razzle.

Razzle is owned by Philippa’s 6 year old nephew. Razzle May be our oldest on the yard but at times I’m sure he is the fastest!! Razzle loves his work but his favourite has to be gymkhana where losing is never a option. Razzle is used in all activities and also used for our RDA groups. He is a sure favourite. Most of our new children would of had a go on Razzle.


So our next team member is our working livery Faramae other wise know as Fara. Fara is one of our biggest horses and our only Clydesdale.

Fara arrived to Kimblewick in September 2018 with her owners Justin & Laura.

Unfortunately Fara became very poorly and was out of work until March 19, with the help of her owners and kimblewick we all managed to give Fara the treatment, love and care she needed for a amazing turn around and being able to be used again. Fara became fitter and needed more work so December she started her working livery trial. She was fab and another favourite for some of our riders. In January she was added to the riding school. Fara is still learning lots of new activists but is loving life. Her owners are improving weekly with her challenging themselves and Fara!!


Mable joined us in February 2022. A former show horse, mum to three fowls.

Qualified for many international shows. Mable is now enjoying riding school life.



Amber arrived in August 2021, after a little time to get fit, Amber is now ridden by our beginners including our Tiny Tots sessions. Always a favourite to ride.


Humphrey…. our gentle giant. Humphrey affrived to us in March 2017 and what a nightmare! Humphrey only had one speed and no breaks! But with time and some schooling he is a champ!

He will teach you the basics as loves his lunge lessons, or he will take you round a SJ course loving life!

Humphrey is used for RDA group and he the softest giant ever


Bonny is a working livery owned by Kirsty and her family. She joined Kimblewick in  May 2022. After a few months settling in, Bonny is now accepting riding school life. Gymkhana seems to be here new favourite discipline.


Rosie is working livery owned by two twins Aria and Isla. Rosie joined the team May 2021, Rosie is a very pampered pony, and can be a little cheeky, but loves her riding school life. 



Details coming soon.



Details coming soon.


Details coming soon.